The Playlist Manager

In the Playlist Manager there is my playlist with the 14 loop songs and 16 free available playlists. If you add a song from your iTunes library here, it will be analyzed immediately and the BeatsPerMinute plus song key will be determined and the song will be added to the selected playlist with this info.

Playlists are displayed in a horizontal scroll view. I hope you like the icons of the playlists, because they are not changable. If a list is selected, the songs in the list will be shown in the table below. With the Load list button, you leave the Playlist Manager and the list is taken over as the current playlist.

With the plus button you can add songs from your iTunes playlist. Any added song will be analyzed directly after the selection and attached to the list with key and BPM.

Important: the song selection dialog will directly disapear after selection, but anaylysing will take a second before the song apears in the list.

Edit Song and List Data

With the Edit list button, you could customize the name and change the info text. All songs in the list can also be deleted there. With the button next to it, you can rearrange the order of the songs to match your session list. If you swipe a song to the left in the song list, you could edit the song informations and change the title and artist. Even if the key and the BPM are not analyzed correct, this can be changed here. Of course, you can also delete a song from the list.

Backup and restore

All songs in the song lists are stored internally. In addition, a backup of each of the 17 playlists is always created. You can find these backups in the Files app.

You can copy these files to another location (Dropbox or iCloud) and import them again if necessary. To do this, you must activate Import Playlist Backup in the app settings before starting, then copy the backup into the app document folder and start the app.

By changing the number (00..16) in the file name, you can also copy the list to another. If you copy the list to another device, we try to find the right song by name and artist.