Who needs BlueJamPlayer

The BlueJamPlayer is made for musicians and should be the tool of choice when it comes to doing one of the things below...

LIVE | You play in a band and sometimes require guitar riffs, drum patterns or sound clips that you have as MP3 on your iPhone or iPad. With BlieJamPlayer you could start the clip with a footswitch, because as a guitar player there is no hand free to start playback on your mobile when playing

TRAINER | You want to learn a song or a difficult solo and you have to practice it over and over again? Simply load song or solo onto your iPhone/iPad, adjust speed and control it via footswitch

JAM | You have some cool songs where you simply just want to play along. Maybe adjust the pitch to match your vocals and ready for your jam session

DUO | If you play in a DUO and your team is incomplete, you can record your songs in Left/Right split and then turn off your own part to play along with your records. With playlists you could play through your entire session songs

For this to work, our BlueJamPlayer has a lot of features to offer:

  • The player is controlled via Bluetooth by PagerTurner foot pedals
  • Pitch can be adjusted without changing the speed
  • Also, the speed is adjustable without changing the pitch
  • Free configurable effects (reverb, delay, flanger, equalizer, filter)
  • All songs in your iTunes library can be used
  • Songs are analyzed to the key, so you know the key when playing solos
  • The BPM are also analyzed and delay and flanger automatically adjusted to BPM
  • The playlist management will help to sort your session songs
  • There are 4 Play Modes with different usage of your foot pedal
  • The A->B play mode is made to play parts of a song in a loop

We packed all of that into our small, compact BlueJamPlayer. If you like to know which Bluetooth PageTurner pedals will work, there are suggestions in the Bluetooth setup